Dangerous and Defective Products

Every company has a duty to ensure they provide safe and reliable products for their customers use. We have expectations that provides we use will be safe for our use. But each year, dangerous and defective products cause thousands of injuries to people.

The experts at Personal Injury Relief make it our duty to hold their companies responsible for their dangerous and defective products and to obtain you just compensation for the injuries you have suffered as a result of their dangerous and defective product.

Product manufacturers and anyone in the chain of commerce can be held liable for harm caused by a negligently designed, manufactured, of inadequately warned product. California law holds that negligent manufacturers, sellers, re-sellers, re-manufacturers and dealers can all be forced to pay for a defective or dangerous product that caused injury to a consumer.

If you have suffered injury as a result of a dangerous or defective product, you may be entitled to compensation. It is essential you act quickly as if you wait, you very well may be prevented from bring a claim at a later date.

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